A bit about our team…

SiobhanSiobhan. Owner & Manager at Knock. I am a mum of 2 girls and owner/manager of Venture Kids. I hold a degree in Politics and a Level 5 Diploma in Playwork. I started Venture Kids because I wanted to offer the chance of affordable, quality childcare, based on giving kids the right to play. Play is not a luxury. It is a necessity. Happy kids = Happy parents.

Risa.jpgRisa. Manager at Oakland. Originally from Dallas, Texas, I now live in Belfast with my local husband. I have a BA and MSc in Psychology with an emphasis on childhood development, and am currently completing my Level 5 in Playwork. I love experiencing just how smart and creative children are, especially when given the independence, freedom and resources to create their own play at Venture Kids.

FrazerFrazer. Co owner & Deputy Manager at Knock. After spending years in the catering industry I decided to switch paths and follow my inner child,(being a big kid myself!). I have recently completed my level 3 in Playwork at the Belfast Metropolitan College. At Venture Kids, we want to give kids the chance to play like we did when we were young. There are no playstations or devices at VK, just lots of imagination and fun.

DanielleDanielle. Deputy Manager. I have returned back to Venture Kids after taking time out to gain experience working with younger children. I am currently completing my Level 5 in Playwork and a BA(hons) in childhood and youth studies. I have completed my Level 3 and 4 in Playwork, and currently volunteer with St.Johns Ambulance and at children and young people’s residentials. What I love most about working at VK is that no two days are the same; one day a cardboard box is a robot and the next it’s a spaceship and see children’s imagination develop.

ClaireClaire. Supervisor. I’m the arty one! I have a BA(Hons) in Photography & Graphic Design. I also hold Level 3+4 Diploma’s in Playwork along with a Level 3 in Understanding the Speech, Language and Communication Needs of Children with Behavioural, Social and Emotional Difficulties. I love utilising art and creative play at Venture Kids to enable children to express themselves and to freely use their imagination. I am always in my element covered in paint, there’s never a dull moment!

Linda1.jpgLinda. Supervisor. I have worked with children for the last 22 years. I hold a level 3 in Childcare and Education, Level 2 and 3 in Playwork, and I have just completed my Level 5 in Leadership and Management. I love the fact that children in Venture Kids can play as children and be allowed to express themselves freely.
KathrynKathryn. Supervisor. Currently I have my Level 3 diploma in Playwork from Belfast Metropolitan College, and I am working on my Early Childhood Studies Degree at Stranmillis University College. My favourite thing about Venture Kids is watching the children use their own imagination to create their play space. I’m always eager to get stuck into whatever crazy ideas the kids in Venture Kids come up with.

20190603_134751 (1) Kaitlyn. Playworker. I am currently studying Playwork level 2 and I’m as enthusiastic as the kids here and have twice as much energy. I also study mixed martial arts and have a coaching certificate. My favourite thing about Venture Kids is how every day is different and the kids always learn something new.


JoanneJoanne. Playworker. After a few years of voluntary work with children within the local community, I came on board with Venture Kids whilst studying for my Level 3 qualification in Playwork. I absolutely love the funny little stories the kids tell me and the all round craziness that Venture Kids has to offer.


EmmaEmma. Playworker. I am currently studying for my foundation degree in early childhood studies from Stranmillis University. My favorite thing about Venture Kids is playing with children each day and watching them use their imagination to create and build things that I would never think of!


PaddyPaddy. Playworker. I have been lucky enough to work with children for over 3 years. What really makes me happy is to see a child learn a new skill or make a new friend while they are having fun at the same time. As a team member at Venture Kids I see this happening every day!


CharlotteCharlotte. Supervisor. I have just recently completed my Drama Degree at Queen’s University, Belfast. I spent a lot of time working with children during my degree, both inside and outside the classroom. I hope to be in a primary school teacher in the near future and since starting at Venture Kids, I have truly seen the definition of fun, all while the children are developing fundamental skills! I can’t wait to see where my journey at VK leads.

Irina.jpgIrina. Playworker. My experience working with children as a volunteer for more than 10 years has always been for me not a job, but a part of my soul. At the moment I’m starting my Playwork Level 3 qualification in addition to studying, and I’m the owner of a Saturday school aimed at learning the Russian language for the Russian community in Belfast. In Venture Kids, I appreciate the fact that children learn to work in a team, respect what they are given and show creativity.

20191024_123051Katie. Playworker. I am delighted to join Venture Kids after working in a kids play centre for nearly 3 years, while volunteering locally for Torbank special needs school and girl guiding UK. I have recently finished my A levels in English Literature, Media Studies and Sociology and joining Venture Kids has been wild! Venture Kids have such big personalities in such little people when given the right play space, without technology getting in the way, which I think is a brilliant way to develop children’s creativity and imagination just as I did when I was growing up!

20191023_150501Agnes. Playworker. I have previously been a registered childminder and also a voluntary youth leader. I am currently completing my Playwork level 3. I enjoy working in Venture Kids as I get to see the children make new friendships and have fun. No two days are ever the same in Venture Kids and that’s the best part of it!